50 reasons to get up at 5.00 AM

Maybe you’ve toyed with the idea of waking in the morning and enter the club at 5am …

And maybe you feel like a good idea, but if you ever need some arguments …

In order to make your decision easier, I offer you 50 (!) arguments …

Let’s take them one by one:

1. Are you between the most performing 1% of the world! It’s a club, and it’s an honor to be a full member.

2. Of quality time with you, put yourself first, because … you deserve! You are the most important person in your life!

3. Do not stress the one with phone, email, sms.

4. You can train for the marathon. Andrew admire than Red. As he says, without waking up the morning, the 7 marathons and ultra-marathons the 7 would have been impossible dreams.

5. Strategic planning your own business (or future business if you’re still employed). If you’re not rested in the morning … when altcandva? … Evening after you drained of energy?

6. Make a tasty meal at leisure without being rushed by the clock. Aaaaah pleasures of life …

7. View sunsets. No one in the pictures, the real one that is among the best free things in life!

8. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. I enjoy especially tea. My favorite is Rooibos vanilla … priceless!

9. Have time to read 30-60 minutes every day and become an expert in your field! In 300 days to read in a year, you get to read between 50 and 100 books. Do you think that will make a big difference in 5 years or 10 years? … I’m sure you can!

10. Watch inspirational videos like TED.com, Robin Sharma, Tony Robbins, Randy Gage, Brian Tracy, etc.. A „dose” day and you are another man, understand that excellence is built every day …

11. Jogging without being disturbed by traffic. Priceless!

12. You have time to make your bathroom to dress properly and smoothly. You know the question „Where did you put the shirt, socks, belt, scarf, etc?” … Then you can relax about all this …

13. Plan your priorities so you can easily say „no” when colleagues, bosses or friends have unreasonable requests from you. Why? Because it is very clear you have to do and how long it remains available.

14. Meditate in silence. 20 to 30 minutes in solitude to focus on breathing brings a great calm and relaxation.

15. You walk in the fresh morning air. We balance the system by moving inside.Just walking 15-20 minutes are pure gold!

16. You start your sport and energy metabolism so that you have from the first hour. No need to be in the gym, 15 minutes are sufficient home: deep breathing, stretching, squats, crunches … nothing complicated.

17. Intentions set how you want to be the day that is just beginning. Clarity of your expectations about the results that you want to get them will largely determine what you and get. Confusion can only produce confusing results.

18. Initiate things you did not start tonight when you are tired after a hard day.Such as a new business, a foreign language, an area where you want to become expert.

19. You call a friend to congratulate you because you’re up and you are in this select group of 1%. If you’ve awakened a fellow, you can use one that is already in the club at 5 PM. Give me a message to put you in contact with a veteran club.

20. You can do consulting, coaching or mentoring a young man in the walk in the morning (without having to take extra time of day you already planned). Help develop a pupil or student without skipping morning walk. A great way to start the day!

21. Ultraproductive for job work 1-2 hours without any interruption of – with a yield at least double. So you can manage to 25-50% of what you had done that day.You’ll be more relaxed and confident as you finish everything you intend on starting day.

22. You can prepare breakfast for your partner or your family. Want to see smiles in the morning? … So the easiest!

23. You’re statements in the mirror or while playing sports: „All I need is in me now”, „I like myself”, „I am responsible”, etc.. I condition the mind to think in a way that supports you and not one that you sabotage.

25. You inhalations with essential oils – eucalyptus and mint – to unplug nasal passages and puts you in excellent condition in a very short time. Are still being tested with this habit, but so far the results are outstanding. I never imagined that sense of smell can have such an effect in achieving wellness.

26. You phone or skype coaching with clients who are top performers and which are also among the 1%. I already have a year and dozens of clients with whom I had coaching from 5.30 or 6.00. After me, is the best possible time for that. It’s quiet, we do not rush anything, we rested and charged with energy (resulting from exercise and breakfast).

27. Listening to personal and professional development programs and techniques you propose to apply 1-2 day just started. You build expertise and confidence step by step.

28. You Photoreading and read a book every 30 minutes. A revolutionary technique to extract the essentials from a book soon. You can change your life. No kidding!

29. Write a good greeting for a loved one in the family and leave the refrigerator. It takes up to 20 secumde. Obtained effects: feeling good for all day. (For you and the recipient)

30. Start on a proactive rather than a reactive power that are already in the second delay when you get out of bed. If you want to have more control in your life every day, you start by clarifying what’s important to you and what is non-negotiable. And do not give up what is important to you!

31. Have time to do Ho’oponopono with the people you want harmonious relationships. Called „forgiveness therapy” is composed of four statements „I’m sorry”, „I’m forgiven”, „Thank you”, „I love you”. All you have to do is to think the other person and repeat these 4 statements for several minutes (ideal for 10-15 minutes a session take effect very quickly).

32. Energize you while you breath in 4 times (4 inspiration followed by four deep exhalation). Shallow breathing is very prevalent in the office working time. So deep breaths help you raise energy levels very quickly.

33. Feed your need to have a hobby you do to yourself: can be painting, sculpture or photography. Do something just for your soul every day without … quit after starting the day with you!

34. While planning your dream vacation in the summer (and looking at the best price without stress). When you have several hours to do a detailed research, it is likely to make serious savings in the budget …

35. I write every day for at least 30 days next 12 months goals. Every day they write a new page without looking back. So „you allow them to negotiate with each other” hierarchy according to the importance they have for you. Guarantee moments of „A-ha” …

36. Determine which are the top 5 activities that is important to complete. And estimate the time required to complete but the result looks like that you want.

37. Drink 0.5 L of water and recharge your energy after a sleep in which you were dehydrated. Recommendation: Drink water at a higher temperature than the body, not forcing the body to consume energy to a heat after reaching the stomach.

38. Write for 15 minutes all the things you are grateful, and release any trace of anxiety. Easy to do, guaranteed effect all day. You do not need pain medication, release endorphins naturally!

39. You take your time to create a panel with pictures that represent your objectives. Some call it a Vision Board and Dream Board.

40. For 10-20 minutes in the morning comtempli this panel and upload your emotion associated with achieving these goals. This to know why you do what you do and that’s the end for your efforts.

41. Then use this emotion to plan and work towards your goals. Brought in to act inspired. It’s not just the will to do something. E and inspiration that tells you it’s the best thing you can do.

42. Write the book you wanted was a public life. Write a page a day. In a year of 365 pages. Ready! Find a publisher to publish you!

43. Write articles on your blog and inspire others to realize their potential you have. Let me give you a hint: do not you all those good ideas in your head not held these good ideas coming! Write articles, write a book, tell them to others. Do whatever, just take them out of your mind that you can make room for the next brilliant ideas to come!

44. Trust you to upload and send it through all pores of all the people that you meet … and so you become the person who most want them around so that you have a beneficial impact.

45. Leave for the job and get relaxed and smiling at the office. The 10 minutes that you take your spare spare you the stress of catching too many red lights or blocking the intersection. A small investment for a benefit so great!

46. Eliminate 95% of the stress you are fighting now. To the extent that combine many of the habits described above, will remain until … stress. I do not think the word … test for you!

47. Instantly earn the respect of every person you’re talking about it – is almost similar to run a marathon in the minds of many. It will not be long to be asked what happened to you so calm, relaxed and confident. And then, you, with a smile asking: „Are you ready to hear what would you say?” …

48. Start the day with you and increase your self-esteem that are the most important person in your life! I think it’s obvious that if you take care of yourself first, you can then watch the others much better. You can not get in where you do not have enough.

49. Select a member of the Club at 5.00 PM

50. You take your power back that you gave to the external circumstances and become a person centered, balanced and harmonious that makes everything he wants to dissolve blockages inside … only really relevant …

Wake Up & Live!

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