18 excuses that most of us use in our lives

Dr. Wayne Dyer listed 18 excuses that most of us use in our lives that keep us from being our true selves, and he accompanied the excuses with an affirming statement to counteract the excuse. Dr. Dyer suggests that as the excuses arise in our minds that we practice counteracting them by speaking the affirmation immediately. This is what I like to call “retraining the brain”, because it is our dominate thoughts which is our point of attraction. Having said all of this, we must first be aware of our thoughts in order to counteract them. Become the diligent watcher or observer of your thoughts, and then you will be able to move into the affirmations listed below:

Excuse 1:      It will be difficult

Affirmation:   I have the ability to accomplish any task that I set my mind to with ease & comfort.

Excuse 2:      It’s going to be risky

Affirmation:   Being myself involves no risk. It is my ultimate truth and I live my life fearlessly.

Excuse 3:      It will take a long time

Affirmation:   I have infinite patience when it comes to fulfilling my own destiny.

Excuse 4:      There will be family drama

Affirmation:   I’d rather be loathed for who I am, than loved for who I am not.

Excuse 5:      I don’t deserve it

Affirmation:   I am a divine creation, a piece of God. How can I be undeserving?

Excuse 6:      It’s not my nature

Affirmation:   My essential nature is perfect and faultless; it is this nature that I return.

Excuse 7:      I can’t afford it

Affirmation:   I’m connected to an unlimited Source of abundance.

Excuse 8:      No one will help me

Affirmation:   The right circumstances and the right people are already here and will show up on time.

Excuse 9:      It never happened before

Affirmation:   I am open and willing to attract all that I desire beginning here and now.

Excuse 10:    I’m not strong enough

Affirmation:   I have access to unlimited assistance. My strength comes from my connection to my Source.

Excuse 11:    I’m not smart enough

Affirmation:   I’m a creation of the Divine mind. All is perfect and I am a genius in my own right.

Excuse 12:    I am too old or I’m not old enough

Affirmation:   I am an infinite being. The age of my body has no bearing on what I do or who I am.

Excuse 13:    The rules won’t let me

Affirmation:   I live my life according to the Divine rules.

Excuse 14:    It’s too big

Affirmation:   I think only about what I can do now. By thinking small I can accomplish great things.

Excuse 15:    I don’t have enough energy

Affirmation:   I feel passionately about my life. This passionate feeling allows me to move on and gives me energy.

Excuse 16:    It’s my personal family history

Affirmation:   I live in the present moment by being grateful for all my life experiences as a child.

Excuse 17:    I am too busy

Affirmation:   As I un-clutter my life, I answer the calling of my soul.

Excuse 18:    I am too scared

Affirmation:   I can accomplish anything I put my mind to, because I know that I’m never alone.

Excuses Begone!: How to Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Thinking HabitsWithin the pages of this transformational book, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer reveals how to change the self-defeating thinking patterns that have prevented you from living at the highest levels of success, happiness, and health. Even though you may knowwhat to think, actually changing those thinking habits that have been with you since childhood might be somewhat challenging.

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