Cum gandesc femeile – schema simpla (How women think – simple scheme)

  Finally …a simple scheme has been made about how women think …   …In sfarsit s-a facut o schema simpla despre cum gandesc femeile…

Spioane celebre – femei fascinante din istorie

Superbe, intrigante, destepte, cinice, curajoase, maestre in arta amorului si dependente de adrenalina puterii. Asa sunt descrise spioanele de toti istoricii lumii.     Sunt unele din cele mai fascinante femei din istorie si legendele despre povestile lor pline de suspans au devenit scenarii de film, subiecte de bestseller-uri sau modele de viata pe careContinuă lectura „Spioane celebre – femei fascinante din istorie”

If I Had My Life to Live Over

Erma Bombeck (Newspaper Columnist/Author) Erma Louise Bombeck (born Erma Fiste; February 21, 1927 – April 22, 1996) was an American humorist who achieved great popularity for her newspaper column that described suburban home life humorously from the mid-1960s until the late 1990s. Bombeck also published 15 books, most of which became best-sellers. By Erma BombeckContinuă lectura „If I Had My Life to Live Over”

50 reasons to get up at 5.00 AM

Maybe you’ve toyed with the idea of waking in the morning and enter the club at 5am … And maybe you feel like a good idea, but if you ever need some arguments … In order to make your decision easier, I offer you 50 (!) arguments … Let’s take them one by one: 1. AreContinuă lectura „50 reasons to get up at 5.00 AM”

Un zâmbet ! Merita !

În rai, Dumnezeu stă de vorba cu câţiva români: – Cum o duc moldovenii tăi, Ştefane? – Rău, Doamne. – Cum aşa? – Jumătate sunt în Spania, jumătate în Rusia. – Da’ ardelenii tăi, Iancule? – Binişor Doamne. – I-auzi! Păi de ce? – Jumătate sunt în Italia, jumătate sunt în Germania ! – Da’Continuă lectura „Un zâmbet ! Merita !”

18 excuses that most of us use in our lives

Dr. Wayne Dyer listed 18 excuses that most of us use in our lives that keep us from being our true selves, and he accompanied the excuses with an affirming statement to counteract the excuse. Dr. Dyer suggests that as the excuses arise in our minds that we practice counteracting them by speaking the affirmationContinuă lectura „18 excuses that most of us use in our lives”